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Best Pediatric Neurology Hospital in Dhule, Maharashtra

A pediatric neurologist, or a child neurologist is a doctor who treats children or adolescents ( 0 to18 years ) who have problems with their nervous system. Problems in the nervous system can start in the brain, spine, nerves, or muscles.
A typical day at a pediatric neurologist’s Hospital includes evaluating a child’s medical history within the context of growth and development, performing physical exams to evaluate health of the nervous system, ordering and interpreting laboratory, and imaging tests and advising treatment.
The doctor works closely with your child’s pediatrician, primary care doctor, other specialists and members of your healthcare team to provide optimal care for the brain and nervous system conditions in the Hospital.
We provide innovative cures and treatments for infants, children and adolescents with disorders of brain development, function and behavior.
With our family-centered care approach, we work with you and your family to fully understand your child’s needs and make everyone a positive part of their treatment.
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