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Best Pediatric Surgery Hospital in Dhule, Maharashtra

Pediatric Surgery is a subspecialty of surgery which encompasses surgery of infants, fetuses, children, adolescents and young adults. This kind of surgery is usually done in children hospitals. Pediatric surgery also has subspecialties- fetal surgery and neonatal surgery.
Gokul Children’s Hospital pediatric surgical unit offers secondary and tertiary-level services. This encompasses both outpatient and inpatient treatment systems. From serious injuries such as knife wounds, liver lacerations, gunshot wounds, transplantation operations, endoscopic procedures such as colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, diagnosis and surgical care of tumors, to surgical repair of birth defects the pediatric surgeons work in congruence with primary pediatricians in order to treat wide range of problems which a child/ infant/ adolescent is facing.
Our Services

Pediatric Surgical Expertise in Dhule, Maharashtra

General Pediatric Surgery (Common Operations – Hernia, Hydrocele, UDT)

Neonatal Surgery (Surgery on the New-born- usually for congenital anomalies)

Pediatric Urology (Kidney, Ureter, Bladder Anomalies & Hypospadias Surgery)

Pediatric Gastrointestinal Surgery (GIT, Liver and Bile Ducts)

Pediatric Colorectal Surgery (Hirschsprung's & Imperforate Anus)

Pediatric Thoracic Surgery (Lung operations & Foreign bodies in Airways)

Plastic Surgery (Cleft lip and palate surgery)

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Why your Child needs a Pediatric Surgeon?

Your child is not just a miniature adult. it’s body composition is different than in grown- ups. Many organs in a infant / child are not fully developed until later in life. It’s fluid and nutritional requirements are unique and to be managed by a Pediatric specialist.
A pediatric surgeon undergoes training to specifically diagnose manage and treat newborns infants and children. Most of the Surgical conditions are exclusive to pediatric age group. General surgeons are mostly trained to treat adult patients and may not get adequate exposure in managing such conditions.
Some conditions such as undescended testis, pelviureteral junction obstruction, Vescicoureteral reflux requires treatment/correction in early childhood as delay may cause irreparable damage to the organ concerned. Congenital malformations such as absence of anal opening, misplaced anal opening( antepost anus, another vestibular fistula), fusion of urinary and vaginal passage(persistent urogenital sinus) requires pediatric surgeon for correction.
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